Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sample Sessions 2: Part A

Following on from “Sample Session 1”, which gave a brief introduction on how Whiskies R Us operates when it comes to providing tasting notes, “Sample Session 2” continues with the theme of reviewing samples swapped with a malt mate (Something WRU never really did until now). On this occasion my malt package, which contained a smorgasbord of malty delights, will be broken down into two parts, and in no particular order of preference, as quite simply these sample swaps, kindly provided by a fellow Japanese malt aficionado - Brian (aka Dramtastic) over at The Japanese Whisky Review are well worth highlighting. So here we go…

Kirin Evermore Blended Whisky - 2002 - 22yo - ABV: 40%

Straight up clean, rich, and very refreshing on the nose. Aromas of both banana and pineapple, dried pear, and apricot centres surrounded with white chocolate. Among these attributes cherry Hookah smoke and sun flower seeds. The palate is just as smooth with unmistakable pineapple crush, Hookah pipe tobacco (only this time spicy apple?), and green nectarines. Nuts are in play, becomes very zippy with time. Pulls up a bit short with the zestiness, but I love the tartiness.

Mars Vintage Malt 1992 - Cask# 1144 - American White Oak - 16yo - “Komagatake” - ABV: 46%

Lush assorted woods and florals: in particular pine trees with light pot puri and camellia. It is lovely and syrupy on the nose once past natures delights. Suggestions of homemade trifle ring loud - jam rolls soaked in cream custard sherry. The palate equally possess the combo of exotic wood, florals, spices (oriental plus plain salt/pepper), and it is a little herbal. Finish is moderate with spicy Cadbury Curly Wurly (chocolate coated caramel). I love this nose!

Hakushu Owners Cask - “Smokey & Bitter” - Distilled: 2000  - Bottled: 2011 - Cask# EL 41914 - ABV: 57%

The nose is flourishing with lemon/lime soda syrup, brine, rich peat, tatami mat scents (not fresh nor not old). A very interesting nose indeed, there is a touch of sweet kerosene and tinned pears in lime jelly. The palate is lovely with that rich peat and pepper zing. There is an interesting element of seasoning and chicken stuffing (herbs and sage). At the other end of the flavor profile is the element of bitter melon (Goya) but coated with honey and almonds. A moderately warm finish, bitter melon fruit (Goya) and peat.

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