Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Chichibu Port Pipe Official Bottling

Distilled: 2009 - Bottled: 2013 - ABV: 54.5% - Outrun: 4200 - Bottle# 842 - Whisky type: Single malt

Nose: A little Juvenile - possibly more noticeable here compared to any other Chichibu - but nevertheless enjoyable aromas. An array of strawberry notes in both fresh and artificial form: Strawberry mousse, weak strawberry jelly, and glazed strawberries. Plums are very recognizable. Stewed rhubarb and/or stewed wild outback peaches. There are hints of cinnamon and nutmeg, and oddly eggnog (yum!). Possibly a bit strange but reminds me of Hot Cross Buns with a spread of very light honey (obviously it’s the cinnamon). Naturally Port - weak really, with a suggestion of Ribena blackcurrant fruit drink after a good 10 minutes in the glass. Interestingly a strong aroma of new book/magazine pages (call me strange but I quite like this smell). And last but not least (it's always been there - just took me a while to associate the smell) chocolate coated Turkish Delight (in particular Fry's from down under).

Taste: Big on spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper) on first contact. It is very tingly on the tongue. The white chocolate is in play and that eggnog heavily dozed with again nutmeg. This malt is a little tarty, dried strawberries, plums, and possibly pomegranate. Warm and youthful. 

Finish: Short on plum (but not rich, juicy, and fleshy - more like cherry plum), moderate on spices with that run of tingling sensations.

Comment: I enjoyed it for what it is. There's nothing complex and overly rich about it, it will work for some and possibly not for others. Again it retains youth but it is not edgy.

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Reviewed by Clint A

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