Thursday, March 21, 2013

First New Black Nikka Launch in Over a Decade

Nikka fans will be delighted to learn of a new Nikka expression that will hit the shelves March 26 - and it is not the Taketsuru 12-year-old Sherry Wood that Whiskies R Us previously reported. However, sherry is involved, which should make Nikka's new expression standout among the Nikka aficionados. The new release is limited to Japan and will not be debuting internationally. The new edition to their portfolio - "Black Nikka Rich Blend" is a marriage of key Genshu malt matured in sherry casks and married with Nikka's Coffey grain whisky. Two sizes will be available in both 700ml and 180ml with an ABV of 40 percent (without an age statement). Nikka (Asahi) states the blend is soft and sweet with gorgeous fruity aromas allowing for a full-bodied, smooth mouthfeel. The release is the first new Nikka Black product in eleven years as part of Nikka's goal in boosting domestic whisky sales, and for the growing popularity of highballs. The midrange iconic brand and new blend will be priced around 1,300 yen. For a detailed review from Whiskies R Us take a look here.

Image borrowed kindly from Nikka's Homapage


  1. I was in a Family Mart convenience store and saw the pocket size bottle for sale - so I bought it. Not bad, tastes much better than Nikka Clear; which is probably no surprise to anyone.

    1. Hi Mike, I will have to agree with you on that. IMO it certainly tastes much better than Nikka Clear. It does however go a bit pear shapped halfway through. Stay tunned for my thoughts on this reasonable blend.