Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Japanese Whisky Infused Chocolates

What do you get when you mix a multi-award wining Japanese artisan blended whisky with a dedicated, renowned chocolate maker from Sapporo, Hokkaido? The answer is simple: top quality whisky infused “nama” chocolate. And it’s not just any old blend but that of Japan’s utmost blended whisky – Hibiki 17- years old, which has successfully been married with fresh cream made from locally drawn milk in Hokkaido.

ROYCE chocolate confections have yet again successfully produced an equally artisan chocolate just as they have in the past. In addition to the Yamazaki Sherry Wood and Hakushu themed “nama” chocolates, ROYCE have introduced the Hibiki 17- year-old “fresh” chocolate in accordance with Valentines day here in Japan.

The whisky themed chocolates are seasonal and they are currently on sale at the Isetan department store in Umeda, Osaka. These tasty treats are limited so the department store has a daily allocated amount, once they are sold out chocoholics and whisky lovers will have to wait for the following day’s allotment. As far as I know all three flavours are still available in small quantities at Isetan until February 14, but unfortunately not via the official homepage of ROYCE however, their standard line-up can be sourced. Since Whiskies R Us first introduced ROYCE fresh chocolate back in 2011/2012, the manufacture have since opened stores in New York and Seoul just to name a few, therefore definitely worth a look if you are near by.

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