Thursday, November 1, 2012

Yamazaki Kakubin Genshu Single Malt 55% abv

Year of production: 2005 - Suntory limited sample bottle

Nose: Everything that its blended brother does not have. There are some distant resemblances but this is truly in a league of its own with little if any comparison. Rich vanilla wafers integrate with costal flora honey. Wine gums and custard tart crust play together with delicate malty tones.

Taste: Clean with generous amount of white pepper. Rich honey (possibly eucalyptus) with hints of herb. There is a small suggestion of spearmint that plays well with the malt. Water transforms the honey into maple syrup and takes down the pepper a notch or two.

Finish: Peppery, sweet honey, warming, moderate and exceptionally clean.

Comment: It appears this sample bottle was attached to a full bottle of Kakubin blended whisky around 2005 for a special fathers day promotion. Suntory in the past often added a small sample of some sort to their Kakubin blends, in particular the larger varieties. This is very pleasant malt, something I look forward to sharing with others (I have a few in reserve).

Reviewed by Clint A

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