Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ichiro's Malt Wine Wood Reserve 46%abv

Nose: Stale musk sticks (but in a pleasant way), pineapple and banana chewy confectionary, resin, tree sap, glazed oranges, and a dose of sherry (possibly brandy and cola?) After sitting for a while the orange becomes extremely evident: a powdered sherbet form (vitamin C tablets?).

Taste: A spicy number indeed: wood spice and pepper. Very prickly with dried figs and oak. The orange returns but it is a bit more shy and dull compared to the nose: stale peel. Bitter and a slight vegetal note I couldn't pinpoint (baked turnip?).

Finish: Pepper and spices stay for a reasonable run before transitioning to dried fruits and tree sap.

Comment: Decent stuff, in my opinion the 200ml bottling is adequate enough, as a personal preference I wouldn't buy the 700ml bottling. However, this gift (birthday present) was extremely appreciative and a great experience.

Reviewed by Clint A

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