Monday, October 22, 2012

Chibidaru Original Quarter Cask

The guys over at Whiskywall have written an introduction on Shinanoya’s Private Cask 5th Anniversary Bottling: Chichibu’s Chibidaru. This three-year-old single malt, bottled at 61%, has an outrun of 161 bottles, making it yet again another sought after domestic whisky. The Chibidaru cask strength expression that uses shorter staves to accomplish the original quarter cask appears to have hit Shinanoya’s website before the weekend. However, according to their site (both English and Japanese version) the entire stock has already sold out. I was fortunate enough to check this delightful bottling out during Whisky History where the Chibidaru was available for pre-order. I’m guessing quite a few bottles from this limited outrun were snapped up before debuting on the Internet. I think it is fair to say this system both has its advantages; people who attend special events are guaranteed private cask bottlings. The obvious disadvantages; those who cannot attend events and need to wait until anniversary bottlings hit the Internet have to cross their fingers and hope for the best. Food for thought. Some may argue business is business. Well done to those who were able to obtain the Chichibu Chibidaru expression by trying their luck as soon as it was available. I often don’t bend over backwards to get these things but this was an exception, love on first taste.


  1. I wonder if any of these bottles will make its way to Europe. I will let you know in case I spot anything.

  2. I'd say a few bottles will make their way to Europe, and most likely straight to auction unfortunately, like we saw with the TIBS Chichibu and Hanyu Chinidaru. Please do let me know Pierre if you spot any out of interest.

  3. I have my bottles in my cupboard now, staring at me, tempting me. I chose to buy this whisky because I had the chance to sample it at Whisky History and it left a great impression. However, I must say I'm a little disappointed as the outrun of the Shinanoya private cask was only 161 bottles, this is not stated on the label due to time management. If I'm paying decent money for a bottle of whisky because it is limited then I expect it to be stated on the label. I may sound as if I'm going overboard but it's the principle. I shouldn't complain as they are going to get drunk but it would have been nice as a reminder of the limited run while drinking it.

    1. Especially as the 2012 TIBS Hanyu/Chichibu Chibidaru bottlings had their outrun printed on the label.