Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Peat Offering

Ichiro's Malt "The Peated", a bottling like so many of Akuto-san's artisan whisky hit the net a few days ago and sold extremely well within hours. Luckily for Kansai residents, and for those who don't have the chance to purchase online, this new bottling has made its way to the Hankyu department store in Umeda. WSJ (Wine & Spirits Japan), the team behind the small but appreciative whisky corner on the first floor of the store have currently (as of today, September 26) got five bottles on its shelf (with a few in reserve) retailing at 8,925 yen (including tax). Again, these guys, who always stock Venture Whisky bottlings are offering people the opportunity to buy sample bottles in both 100mls (1,659 yen) and 200mls (3,060 yen). Something I'm all for, especially when you don't have a spare 9K to part with but nevertheless want to consume these frequent new editions. The Peated, which was distilled in 2009 and bottled in 2012 (three-year-old whisky) is a Chichibu bottling with an ABV of 50.5% and is limited to 5,000 bottles, making it yet another sought after malt. Let's hope the majority of The Peated gets snapped up by pure consumers and not dealers who are in it just to make a few bucks in the future.

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