Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hibiki Tasting Event Held at Hankyu Men's

Hankyu Men’s, the large department store dedicated to men’s fashion in Umeda, Osaka is offering punters the chance to indulge in a dram or two whilst out shopping. This novelty concept bar that is situated on the first floor of the men’s only shopping facility (not the standard Hankyu department store) gives mature shoppers the opportunity to experience the flavours and aromas of Suntory’s Hibiki line-up of award winning blends. Until September 18, the specially designed small scale bar, which has been plonked amongst ties, sunglasses, and other assorted accessories, will provide tastings up until the closure of the store. However, there is a catch as far as I can tell, to wet your palate you have to spend a certain amount within the department store before anything touches your lips. It works on a tier system; the more you have spent on goods the more you get in terms of both quantity and quality (i.e. a purchase over 10,500 yen will allow you to sample the 12-year-old Hibiki while a whopping purchase over 52,500 yen will allow you to compare both the 12 and 17-year-old with a complimentary 12-year-old mini bottle to take home). It seems like an interesting concept, but obviously an incentive aimed at general shoppers and not people who generally are interested in the education of whisky.


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