Sunday, September 2, 2012

White Oak Akashi No-Age-Statement Single Malt 46%abv

Nose: A youthful edge. Oak, concrete powder mix, light yeastiness with a presence of smoke: firework smoke to be precise. Green nectarines plus qualities I can smell in the Akashi 5-year-old single malt: burnt tyre rubber and slightly metallic. Water brings out the sweetness of honey and the nectarine becomes riper. After 10 minutes a possible cherry coke aroma escapes the glass. You really do have to search for all the above though.

Taste: Interesting, however not as much going on compared with the nose. Certainly a spice explosion: ginger. Very oaky, and again that familiar burnt rubber (smoke) from a car burnout (which I must admit is growing on me). Red gum honey, bitter yeastiness, herbal: parsley, with water peat, tar, and aloe vera gel.

Finish: Medium to long on the spice and oak, warming, dry.

Comment: Slightly better than the 5-year-old in my opinion, however for what it is and what it provides the 500ml no-age-statement bottling at this price (buying direct from the distillery will set you back 2,620 yen) is possibly a bit pricey. For a 700ml bottle it could be justifiable but in an honest opinion I wouldn’t want any more than I already have. Nevertheless, I’m glad I purchased it for the experience; it certainly is approachable and has potential to grow on you. Water is recommended for the few pleasantries. As far as I know my review is the first post in English to hit the Internet, but if any readers have tried this Whiskies R Us encourages you to post your tasting notes, I would personally like to hear other peoples description of the NAS. 4,000 bottles was produced for the first release of this no-age-statement single malt for this year (end of August 2012).  

Reviewed by Clint A


  1. Clint,
    Would also like a follow up from yourself after a month or so for any changes too your initial impressions. I reckon the burnt rubber notes come from the sherry casks as I only find this in e 12 and 14 which have a far greater influence from these casks compared to the 5YO.

    1. Brian, I will do. I don't often follow up a review but I will with the NAS as would like to see if there are any changes around the half way mark. Interesting points about the rubber/ sherry casks. Not much happening with sherry in the NAS to honest, IMO.