Friday, August 31, 2012

Suntory White Super Clean 37%abv

Year of release: 2000 (new version of the original White Blend)

Nose: Varnish, cheap nail polish remover, a hint of non ripened white peach, very grainy, slightly dusty, waxed floors, and super glue. After 15 minutes left in the glass a reasonably pleasant citrus aroma becomes present.
Taste: Given that fact the nose has industrial qualities the mouth feel is quite smooth. However, there is not a lot happening on the palate besides a mineral taste, grain, cabbage water with a pinch of white pepper followed by Scotch tape and envelope glue.
Finish: A hint of white pepper, then Scotch tape before a very short ending of again envelope glue.
Comment: A mixer indeed. Although the above does not sound that pleasant this blend isn't that bad when used in a homemade highball. I presume the representation of "Super Clean" comes from the low ABV. This bottling of the new version uses the familiar shapped bottles used in the Owner's Cask series.

Reviewed by Clint A

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