Saturday, August 18, 2012

Welcoming Back the 180ml Yoichi NAS

The 180ml bottling of the Yoichi NAS (no-age-statement) has yet again made an appearance at 7-eleven convenience stores (it seems not all stores stock it, only participating franchises). This 180ml bottling is a bit of a rarity, obviously not in terms of the malt within but the actual size itself. This smaller version, as far as I know, popped up only in 7-eleven stores around the middle of this decade and stuck around for a while before disappearing, only to exclusively reappear in selected stores again not so long ago. A little shy of 700 yen, this small version makes a perfect gift sample, especially for sending. However, for double the price you can pick up the 500ml version of the Yoichi NAS, so it can seem a little expensive. Having said that, for those who have a thing for labels may be interested in the smaller version as it depicts the lovely landscape of Yoichi (well that’s my guess), whereas big brother does not. As at the time of writing the 500ml Yoichi NAS is retailing at Daie supermarkets in Hyogo for 1380 yen (I presume in other prefectures also), such a small price to pay for something of reasonable quality.

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