Monday, July 9, 2012

Mille Cote Liquor Shop Opening

Since the establishment of Whiskies R Us, I believe I have only ever once said that a particular whisky outlet was best by far, at the time, and regarding the selection of Japanese whiskies. This particular outlet has now been superseded with the opening of a new establishment. Precisely six days ago, the liquor shop, Mille Cote, opened its doors to the public, with one of the best selections of Scotch I have seen to date. An array of independent bottlings (some rare and hard to come across in Japan) from the industries biggest players adorn the many shelves from floor to ceiling. I was intrigued and memorized by the vast amount of bottles and labeling, many of which I had not physically seen before. Unfortunately, when it comes to Japanese whisky, there is nothing special to write about. Besides the few bottles of the 1990 Yoichi and talk of introducing White Oak's Akashi label, everything else, and very little at that, is standard. But I hope and believe this may change as I've expressed the benefits of having an adequate selection of Japanese whiskies to the manager, only time will tell, and if so I'll be sure to keep you all updated. 

Although the interests of Whiskies R Us obviously lay in Japanese whisky, I encourage everyone to head down to the conveniently located shop that is only a 3 minute walk from Hankyu Shukugawa station (turn left after exiting the ticket gate), or a 4 minute walk from JR Sakura Shukugawa.

Mille Cote's interior is fairly simple but plush at the same time. It radiates appeal, and if Scotch is up your alley then you will find yourself in paradise. It's a very welcoming establishment and one I could spend a lot of time in. Until August 8, the liquor shop has an opening sale of 10%, providing you have the flyer, which the staff automatically give you on entering, well; they did on the day I was there. Wine enthusiasts will be happy to learn that Mille Cote, a wholesaler, that imports directly, and sells to the public at reasonable prices, has an interesting selection of wine (cellar) just as they do whisky, hence the naming of the shop. The manager appears to know what he is talking about concerning the Water of Life, which I always appreciate, so if you are in the area, pop in.

Kotobuki-cho, 4-32, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo-ken


Closed every Monday


  1. amazing. I wish them luck which i dont think they will need as kansai doesnt have anything like this at the moment, looks world class. lets encourage them to get more Japanese stock.

  2. The bottlings in the photos above are literally some of many. I didn't want to spoil the experience for everyone, and there are just too many to fit them all in. Fingers crossed about the Japanese selection. I'll be having another chat with them soon.

  3. Very interesting. I'll definitely be checking it out when I'm in Kansai in a few weeks. Do they also sell online (rakuten, ...)?

  4. Great info! I hope I can make it down to Kansai on my next trip. I'd also be interested if they sell online.

  5. Great pictures, Clint. They seem to have a lot of independent bottlings of Scottish single malts and some of them are getting harder to come by in Continental Europe. I would definitely want to check this store out during my next visit to Kansai.

  6. Ok guys, this is the latest. Currently they are not selling on the Internet , but they informed me today they are thinking about it and will let me know once they do, which I will then let you all know. They will also conduct tastings (free of charge) in the very near future, maybe even as close as next month, they have a decent tasting bar ready to go. Also it appears the will begin a Facebook page, look out for it as its coming soon and will be viewable on their homepage:
    I'll continue to keep you posted in new information once I get it.

  7. Hi Clint,

    I paid a visit to Mille Cote today and like you found it to be a very appealing place. The selection of independent Scotch bottlings is indeed impressive, and I noticed a 26yo Glenburgie from Duncan Taylor, a 30yo Linkwood from Diageo's Rare Malts series (bottled in 2004), and a 30yo Convalmore from Dun Bheagan among others. Definitely worth a visit!

    1. Hi Pierre,

      Glad to hear you could make the visit, it really is worth it, especially if indi Scotch is your thing, and even if it is not, it's worth a look as there may be something else of interest. I've tried that Duncan Taylor 26-yo Glenburgie...lovely stuff. I'd love to give that Linkwood a go.