Monday, June 18, 2012

Umeda Rakutenchi 1923 Highball Bar

The opening of Umeda's second Highball Bar, June 15, certainly indicates that there is still a thriving market for the highly consumed concoction. Just like the original Umeda 1923 Highball Bar, the newly opened bar offers the "my mug" concept in which you fork out an initial cost for your own copper mug that is left at the bar awaiting your next visit. From there on every highball ordered comes with a discount, an incentive so to speak. Besides the relaxing atmosphere and decently designed interior (portrays a typical whisky bar), perhaps one of the best things about these chain bars which appear to be sprouting up all over the place is they do sell drams neat (only from Suntory's portfolio) at a reasonable price, however, there is the unwelcome cover charge of 300 yen, which isn't too bad given the offer of all you can eat snacks. The Umeda Rakutenchi 1923 Highball Bar is possibly one of the easiest drinking establishments to find, that is to say if you are familiar with Umeda. It's situated on the right-hand side of the front entrance of Hep Five, the big red building (department store) with the Ferris wheel on top.

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