Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hakushu Themed Chocolates

The marriage of top quality single malt Japanese whisky with artisan made chocolate should not be overlooked. ROYCE’ chocolate confections have skillfully produced yet again another top quality “nama” chocolate using only the best ingredients that include Suntory’s 18-year-old Hakushu. “Nama” basically refers to “fresh”, recently made, and straight from the factory to you. This edition is part of their extensive portfolio, which also includes Yamazaki’s Sherry Wood fresh chocolatesThe divine white chocolate in my opinion is precisely balanced with the right amount of Hakushu and rich ingredients, which ROYCE’ is renowned for, making it a top quality chocolate.

The outstanding palate of Royce’s Hakushu fresh chocolates is apparently attributed to a high content of fresh cream made from locally drawn milk in Hokkaido, where the company is established. The fresh Hakushu themed chocolate is unfortunately seasonal and tends to be available in Japan around February in time for Valentine’s day, where in Japan, the general custom of this day is only for men to receive chocolates from admires. As mentioned in the Yamazaki Sherry Wood post, some could arguably say that mixing a perfectly good whisky such as the Hakushu 18-year-old with chocolate is a wrongdoing, I most likely would have said the same until this particular chocolate melted in my mouth on consumption and provided a whole new experience. There seems to be a lot going on with the fusion of whisky and chocolate, in particular Japanese whisky. 

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