Friday, January 20, 2012

Whisky Shop W - Original Store Bottling Third Edition

Arguably the perfect present one could receive or give for Valentines, especially when one cannot come up with something original for the supposed admirer. The master blenders at Hakushu have done it again: come up with yet another limited Hakushu bottling exclusive to Whisky Shop W, which Suntory recommends giving as a present on the worldwide celebrated day. The original whisky bottling, which is the third installment of a series of single malt whiskies is said to denote a marriage of chocolate, cinnamon, and acidic fruits such as grapefruit and strawberries. Besides the content, the packaging is relevant to the occasion with the elaborate bottle etched with gold lettering on a red label, along with a heart shaped leaflet around the neck of the bottle. Like the coexisting original whiskies at Whisky Shop W, this bottling is limited to 1,500 bottles and is officially available from today, January 20th. The 300ml original whisky is bottled at 48 percent and retails for 3,150 ten. Purchases can be made online.

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  1. great news, im going to try and get down to the yodobashi shop and pick one up.