Thursday, January 26, 2012

Highball Choccies

Japan: a country that has arguably revolutionized the humble highball. A drink considered to be of yesteryear has become trendy amongst patrons who swig copious amounts of the popular beverage with relish. The mass highball advertising of Japan’s whisky giants, in particular Suntory and its Kakubin brand, have created a boom. So it is only natural, and just in time for valentines, for the country to bring out highball choccies. This is where I can comfortably use the familiar saying “only in Japan”. Although not produced by Suntory, the packaging of these chocolates, which consists of Scotch whisky and carbonated water, ironically resemble the giant’s famed image by using their trademark yellow, and a character that could be arguably said reflects Uncle Tory. For those interested in the novelty, these chocolates appear to be available in most supermarkets throughout Kobe, and I would presume other areas of Japan. 

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