Monday, December 26, 2011

Stocking Your Home Bar with Affordable Japanese Whiskies: 2011

Adding Japanese whisky to your home bar or collection dose not have to be pricey. There are many great affordable Japanese whiskies available (providing you are residing in Japan) that wont burn a hole in your pocket. You can get a variety of quality Japanese whiskies including single malts, pure malts, and blended whisky to delight in for under 10,000 yen ($126/98 Euros). Whiskies R Us suggests considering (in view of quantity to fill up your shelves) the following inexpensive drams to enjoy if you are on a budget. However, if you’re looking for quality more so than quantity and money isn’t an issue the options are endless. What would you buy taking into account quantity with the mentioned budget?

1)    Mars 3&7 Blend – Shinshu Hombo 720ml (1200 yen)

2)    Yoichi NAS Single Malt – Nikka 500ml (1,400 yen)*

3)    Suntory Royal NAS Blend – Suntory 660ml (2,290 yen)*

4)   Akashi Domestic Blend (containing spirit) - Eigashima 500ml (1,050 yen)

5)    Black Pure Malt – Nikka 500ml (1,580 yen)

6)    Miyagikyo NAS Single Malt – Nikka 500ml (1,400 yen)*

7)    Taketsuru 12 YO Blend – Nikka 180ml (1,000 yen)

* Currently on special at participating supermarkets.
(Prices are approximate and will change depending on area and where purchased).


  1. Seems like readers are having problems with writing comments. Unable to publish. Apologies for the inconvenience. I have had a look at "settings" and seems to be good. I cannot think of much else. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  2. Due to the problem mentioned above, Brian (Dramtastic-Nonjatta reviewer) has kindly provided his bargain list via email: a very interesting selection. Thanks brian.

    1.Nikka From The Barrel Y1850
    2.Ichiro's Malt and Grain Y3180
    3.Nikka Pure Malt Black Y1580
    4.Miyagikyo NAS Y1400
    5.White Oak(Akashi)5YO Y1980

    Y9990 AUD$126 $25 a bottle

  3. I would highly recommend:

    1. Nikka G&G (Gold & Gold), which I can purchase in Yokohama for 1,659 yen a bottle.

    2. Nikka All Malt, usually sells for around 1,400 yen a bottle.

    3. Kirin Fuji-san, sold most everywhere for about 1,000 yen.

    All of these are afforable and very, very drinkable.

    Happy New Year!
    Yokosuka Mike

  4. Hi Mike, thanks for your recommendations and pointing out the issue of needing to be a "registered user" to post comments. I have now allowed anyone to post including under the alias of "anonymous". Hopefully this will encourage more recommendations to this post and solve the problem of other readers not being able to post comments.

    As for the Nikka G&G, do have the white label edition limited to Hokkaido or the readily available black label (colour difference only in label and not whisky quality)? I myself have not got this one under my belt yet.

    Happy New Year Mike.

  5. Hi Clint,

    It’s the black label for me. I find G&G difficult to locate and have to take a half hour train ride to Hinodecho near Yokohama to purchase it at a tucked away backstreet liquor store called Passport Liquor. I’ve read both positive and negative reviews on G&G and for myself I think it’s great; it’s become my go to whisky. I like it over ice with just a little splash of water.

    All the best to you,
    Yokosuka Mike

  6. Nikka All Malt almost made my list but would have taken me over my Y10000 limit

  7. Other recommendations not mentioned yet
    The Blend of Nikka 45% Y2300
    Kirin Emblem Y1200
    Monde Crystal Blend Y1200
    Nikka Pure Malt Red Y1580

    Ave price $15.75 a bottle

  8. I picked up a bottle of Kirin Emblem on Saturday; I was surprised that it was so tasty. I was expecting something along the lines of Kirin's Robert Brown, which I'm not so fond of. Like Gold & Gold, Emblem is not easily found on the shelf of any liquor stores where I live.

    Best regards,

  9. Thanks for the info Mike, I have not come across it often either, well at least in the stores that I frequent and the occasional new store I stumble upon. If I remember correctly I did see it at pardon's Nishi-ku store, I was tempted to get it but at the time picked up the Mars "Amber" blend.