Thursday, December 8, 2011

Maintaining "The Spirit of Unity"

Many of you, presumably still carry the images of the great Tohoku earthquake freshly in your mind regardless of the passing of time. After the destruction that rocked Japan, worldwide aid flourished the country in many forms including that of the “Spirit of Unity” bottling from seven Scotch distilleries in support of Japan earthquake relief, which Chris at Nonjatta covered in one of many articles throughout the ordeal. Yesterday December 7, Rupert Millar at The Drinks Business has finally made the current proceeds of this limited bottling that consisted of donations of casks of single malt public in an entry titled “One-Off Whisky Raises Money for Japan”.

Entry based on the original articles by The Drinks Business and Nonjatta.
Images kindly obtained from both these articles. Thank you.


  1. Thanks for the link/info. It was great to see the whisky industry - specifically the independent distilleries - do something like this. Happy to say I have a bottle.

  2. Would be interested to see a review on it at Whiskywall Chris.