Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Calm Revival

Some interesting news has come to light on a particular post that was written sometime ago. Instead of just briefly updating the bottom of the post I have decided to add a new entry for this update. New Calm, the home brand whisky of the Coop supermarket, which is clearly stated, to be produced by Nikka has reappeared in a heavy publicized campaign throughout a handful of stores in Kobe. It appears that New Calm, which comes in the 1.8L plastic bottle, has revealed its source. Although not written on the back of the label itself, one of Coop’s advertisements for the whisky writes “this whisky has been made using malt from Hokkaido’s Yoichi and Sendai’s Miyagikyo distilleries”, theoretically indicating it’s a pure malt. However, another source has indicated that New Clam also contains grain whisky therefore it represents a blend. Obviously the size of this whisky along with its current campaign price of 2,180 yen (20 EUR/27 USD) clearly points out it’s the aforementioned whisky type and purely produced to cater for the ongoing highball campaign. That or Nikka has a lot of whisky to play with for reasons that are not known. One thing is for certain and that is a tasting is in need, if only it was bottled appropriately for this purpose.

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  1. Only one thing for it Clint, you need to take one for the team and taste!