Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ocean Lucky Gold

Yet another reasonably new, mass-produced Japanese whisky has graced the shelves of many a supermarket and liquor chain throughout Japan suitably for the highball market. The Fuji Gotemba distillery owned by Kirin officially added Ocean Lucky Gold whisky to its portfolio at the end of July. This whisky, which comes in the whopping 2.7 and 4-litre plastic bottle variety, has supposedly been matured with full flavour that will not give way to carbonated water when mixed for highballs. According to Kirin, Ocean Lucky Gold’s mouth feel is faintly spicy with cereals, and a nose of tender fruits, incense, and shortbread delivering a mellow-medium aftertaste. It would be nice if these monstrosities came in a much smaller bottling for us to sample out of curiosity without having to lug 4 litres of it home. Don’t think there is anything lucky about that.

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