Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Torys Ginger Highball

A new addition to the ever-accumulating canned highball range will soon make its way to every supermarket and convenience store through out Japan. From September 6, Suntory will launch their 350ml Torys ginger canned highball nationwide. Besides the obvious factor of ginger flavouring, there is nothing overly distinguishable between this new flavoured highball and Torys Extra highball. Both canned drams come in an identical design, sporting the iconic Uncle Tory, but with a change of colour from red lettering to green. For highball fans, Torys ginger will coincide with a limited release of Suntory lemon soda attached to bottles of Kaku blended whisky around the same time. I wonder if Koyuki-san will be pushing this also?

The surge of highball popularity continues. It was only last week I made an entry about local Izakaya’s streaming highballs from taps. Establishments that never before considered highballs in drink menus are now forced to do so to not be part of a minority. As a result, increases of highball supporters are now expressing their opinions to establishments who then pass on the opinions to the industry. It appears the major industry players listen. Therefore, in any given coming time, expect to see a range of canned highballs coming in other flavours such as Yuzu and Plum (ume) to match the palate of locals. The additional capital for distillers will continue to rise, let’s hope this influx of capital brings rewards to consumers in the form of increased selection of single malts.

Image kindly borrowed from the Suntory website.

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