Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yamaya Renovations - Rokkomichi

Renovations have finally been completed at the Yamaya (World Liquor System) Rokkomichi, Kobe store. The attractive improvements have made way for vast amounts of space that house floor to ceiling glass cabinets filled with some special whisky. Although the bottle shop chains do not focus primarily on whisky as I have previously mentioned, the Rokkomichi store, since its renovations, has taken on a whole new appearance. The selection of both domestic and independent Scotch whisky have doubled, concentrating in particular on local brands and their various expressions. Perhaps they have realized they need to carter more appropriately to Japanese whisky enthusiasts and customer preference. 

The majority of high-end domestic brands such as the pictured “1996 Yamazaki bottling aged at the Ohmi cellar” are under lock and key, same as before, but the display cabinets have changed in size and presentation, allowing you to contemplate on your next purchase. As for mid range whiskies and blends, they are still kept on open shelves with more effort on presentation and an increase in 180ml bottlings. Although not a 100% pure dedicated whisky shop, in my opinion this shop is attractive and worth visiting even more so than before. The shop is conveniently placed in walking distance from the station, and as an added bonus, situated in an area with a few good bars such as "Bar No Idea". 

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