Friday, June 24, 2011

Recommended Malts of an Assassin

Barry Eisler, the renowned author and man behind the Rain series, shares an interest in the mouth-watering liquid we have all become to love. Like quite a few readers of Whiskies R Us, Barry has lived and worked extensively in Japan, in particular Tokyo, and had the opportunity to frequent some of the well-established malt bars that are on offer. Barry intriguingly incorporates these establishments, as well as the familiar surroundings of both Tokyo and Osaka into his books, surroundings that some of us have an association with. He also integrates his love of whisky into the fictional character John Rain, a malt aficionado, and a man talented in the art of Judo, assassination: death by natural causes, and surveillance. 

While the sophisticated character John Rain wrecks havoc through out the series, he always manages to find the time to enjoy a good single or two. In Barry’s first book Rain Fall, he introduces a nonfictional bar in Osaka that goes by the name of Bar Satoh. The detail that goes into the author’s description of this bar indicates his appreciation for a fine establishment and the patronage it provides. “This presents an opportunity for Whiskies R Us to explore and relay in the future”. In addition to descriptive bars, through out the series (total of 6 books), Rain, during his global traveling, indulges in a number of drams and provides brief reviews. These novels have the right mixture of content, thoroughly recommended. Ever wondered what a highly qualified assassin would drink? Take a look at John Rain’s top ten recommendations. For further information take a look at here

Image kindly obtained from the Barry Eisler website. Thank you.


  1. Have you been to Bar Satoh? Interesting place.

  2. Already to go...hopefully get explore the place sooner rather than later.