Friday, February 25, 2011

Sherry Wood Choccies

We have all seen various kinds of liquor chocolates and whisky bonbons in our time. Some are pleasant in small quantities and some are just down right sickly. It appears chocolate manufactures (well in Japan anyway) have taken note and upped the anti to go the extra kilometre.

This exquisite, soft, truffle like chocolate is made out of an equally exquisite dram by Suntory. The Yamazaki sherry wood single malt expression, which is made in limited quantities, has been blended with some fine dark chocolate and fresh cream from ROYCEThis little sweet sensation from Hokkaido has a very strong sherry wood mouth feel but in no way overly dominant, it's delicate and silky.

Some could arguably say that mixing a limited dram such as Suntory’s 40% sherry wood expression with anything is devastating and touchy. Perhaps this intriguing article from Japan Times Online, by Nicholas Coldicott can make you think other wise. The article provides some interesting choccie and dram combinations for all of you who have an appreciation for whisky and ……well…. chocolates. Perhaps the most interesting combination (for me) was the Yoichi, no age statement (recommended to Nicholas Coldicott by Chris Bunting at Nonjatta) paired with Anthon Berg Fair Trade chocolates.

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