Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Soothing Fragrance of Whisky

Distillery entrance for visitors

The Yamazaki distillery is a Japanese whisky distillery that started production in 1923. The founder of the distillery, Shinjiro Torri, constructed the distillery on the fringes of Japan’s historical city Kyoto, creating the birthplace of Japans first whisky manufacturing operation. The valley in which the distillery is situated provides Yamazaki with an abundant water resource that is said to provide the ideal framework for the maturation of whisky.

On my second visit to the distillery I came across some fascinating literature about Suntory’s research into the effects of fragrance and flavours in whisky. The research led Suntory to present to the community findings that these ingredients are effective in relieving stress and soothing the mind.

Suntory's proclaim that whisky combines its warm comfort with the
relaxing qualities of pure nature.

The awarded visitor centre provides a guided tour with a look at the facility, as well the pleasure of sampling Suntory’s single malt expressions consisting of Yamazaki aged 10 and 12  years and their famed Hakushu malt. For further tour information visit Suntory.

A variety of up to five types of oak casks in different
shapes and sizes can be seen at the warehouse.

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