Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hip Highball

The Japanese distillery Nikka, arguably Suntory’s rival, has joined the movement and began to supply the Japanese alcohol beverage market with premium canned whisky and soda. “Highball”, the coined term for a pre-mix of whisky and soda usually appears on supermarket shelves in 350ml cans and has an alcohol volume of 8%.

Until recently Suntory was the major player supplying millions of local thirsty whisky drinkers with their refreshing non-overly carbonated Kaku highball. Credit should inevitably be given to Suntory for starting another fad and bringing competition and variety to the pre-mixed market.

To show their support of this successful boom, Nikka have produced premium pre-mixes using TAKETSURU Pure Malt that has been maturing for 12 years. Mr. Taketsuru is the legendary distiller and founder of Nikka who went against the odds and provided people with authentic whisky in an era dominated by Japanese spirits.

The TAKETSURU “highball” consists of malt whiskies matured for 12 years or more at the Yoichi and Miyagikyo distilleries that are blended in vats to produce outstanding pure malt whisky. It is delicious, lightly carbonated, and fragrant with a rich body and enjoyable aftertaste that lingers. This is indeed very good, certainly a standout worth consuming.


  1. I'll have to take your word for this one because as a purist, the idea of taking perfectly good Taketsuru Pure Malt and mixing it with anything at all is quite bizarre. More something I would expect people who drink cheap scotch blends would do.

  2. That is true, as a purist myself I agree, mixing any good malt with anything other than a few drops of water (occasionally) is defeating the purpose. However, when a novelty like this presents its self it's worth consuming to relate back to others.