Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Genshu Single Cask Yoichi: Cask. 407479

Distillery bottling - Age: 10-years-old - ABV: 59% - Volume: 180ml

Nose: Rich and juicy apricots half dipped in smooth, rich white chocolate. A combo of fragrant wood spice, malty with cereals (puffed wheat with a sprinkling of brown sugar). New Zealand Hokey Pokey ice cream - vanilla with small, solid lumps of honeycomb toffee. There is aromas of sweet cigar boxes and oddly concentrated lime syrup (like milkshakes), which I've never picked up in a Nikka before. Seductive oak? Yep!

Taste: Fair to say the palate is creamy, briefly, then lots of wood-spice, much more prominent here than the nose. Some pickled ginger and/or cardamon follow before mid-palate becomes dry with espresso and/or ash baked potato skins. The apricots are still present on the last run but this time dried. Slightly nutty presence that was ever so shy on the nose if any.

Finish: Dried apricots - specifically FruChocs: and Australian iconic mix of dried apricots and peach centres covered in milk chocolate. Nutty with ice block stick mouthfeel.

Comment: Different from cask 407512 for obvious reasons, however I was suprised this cask is quite on the sweet side compared to the strong and heavy earthy aromas experienced before. Either way I've enjoyed every genshu single cask Yoichi 10-yo, can't say the same for the 5-yo unfortunately, and as for the 20-yo that is yet to come. The 20-yo Miyagikyo though was a right stunner. Must visit Yoichi again, need to invest in a few of these little fellas to keep the cabinet from drying up.

Reviewd by Clint A


  1. I tend to enjoy the 10 y/o single casks - even more so than the older ones (15, 25). Of course since they are single casks it won't always be that way. The 5 y/o I had was just downright nasty. I tried blending it away with other malts but it was too strong!

    1. Funny isn't Chris, the 5-yo just dose not do it regardless of cask variation. And the 10-yo is just a few hundred extra from memory.