Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Akashi No-age Single Malt at 6 Months

Distillery: White Oak - ABV: 46% - Volume: 500ml - Non-chill filtered - Non coloured.

Nose: Distinctly Akashi malt. At 6 months it still carries over the aromas described in the first review. However, there are notable and pleasant changes that break away from the burnt rubber, which I must add has become very subtle over time. Interesting new aromas include: freshly ironed shirts (which I strangely like), skewed grilled Ginkgo nuts, maple/honey sap, and fragrant ferns. Fair to say sweeter pushing away almost all solvents - there is still a heavy duty masking  tape aroma present. Diluted with a bit of time adds rock melon... or is it honey dew?

Taste: The burnt rubber tyre smoke is here to stay, but it has grown on me and has become mild and very acceptable. Grilled Ginkgo nuts are also on the palate sprinkled lightly with pepper. The honey, which I reported initially has become more distinguished; sweeter - moving from red gum to costal floral honey. Water adds greenery in both plant and veg.

Finish: A sprinkling of peppered tyre rubber smoke, a tad sour, sappy, retaining those grilled Ginkgo nuts.

Last comment: Not a dramatic change but enough to enjoy it on another level than when initially cracking it back in September 2012. Arguably sweeter with new hidden aromas and complex, but still can't seem to find a decent balance. However, it's a very affordable experience (in Japan). Although much more satisfied this time around this was my first and most likely last bottle purchase of the Akashi no-age-statement. Lets see how the Akashi Single Bourbon Cask pulls-up. These guys are doing their bit for the industry - it can only get better.
Reviewed by Clint A


  1. I really did want to like this one, but alas it's not my cuppa tea. What's kind of funny is that I do like the cheaper White Oak Akashi blend and the expensive 12 year single malt but nothing in between. Well, that's whisky.

    1. This is a malt that I think you either like or dislike. At the start I was more towards the "dislike" side. However, after going back to after all this time I found it to be more rewarding then previously. having said that, and as I mentioned, I'm satisfied with just the one bottle in my cabinet and will not be needing anymore.

    2. I should say though - which I have done on many occasions and still do - hats of to these guys for doing their bit for the industry. It will only get better.